ADS Marketing

Google Campaigns

Let Millions of users find you on the most used Search Engine in the World

ADS Marketing

Bing Campaigns

Increase your audience, and reach 100% of visitors worldwide

ADS Marketing

Social Campaigns

The Bond that allows us to reach and talk different Targets


Are these Campaigns effective?

The advantages of doing an Online Advertising Campaign are manifold: Immediacy, No Geographic Limits and Variable Costs. Each project is a reality in itself which must be evaluated from time to time. As in Traditional Advertising, Online Advertising has the objective of influencing the behavior of visitors, directing their consumption needs towards Your Company improving the Visibility of your site compared to those of the Competitors

Our Campaigns


Google Campaigns

Increase and reach New Customers just when they search Google for the products and services you offer.
Be found out by your customers with your products and services.
Stand out from your competitors and point out your brand.
Monitor your activity and analyze the progress of your online business.
Use the Search Engine among the most powerful in the world for your Business.
Buy and Sell Online quickly and easily.

Social Campaigns

We generate a list of potential Contacts to increase your Revenue.
We realize 360° Specialized Campaigns for your Business.
We study and launch your Brand for position it in the Market field.
We design Modern Contents and Involvements that can attract as many Users as possible.

We create Social contents through the Main Channels of Web Communication and Newsletter.

We Analyze the Collected Data and direct your Brand in the network.


Bing Campaigns

One research on 11 is performed in the Bing Network.

– 9% of the Online advertising market
– 219 Mln online searches each month in the Bing Network of the Italian Market

Bing Network is on the Bing’s websites and its partners, in Windows 10, Cortana and Office, in partnerships and third-party platforms, likewise in the Amazon’s search engine devices, in the Siri and Spotlight Web results on Apple devices, or in the maps of thousands important websites.

Bing Network includes the sites of Bing and its partners. That’s where your company can reach a single and wider audience, made up of millions of people who do searching every single day. Use the Bing Ads advertising platform for connect your activity with these potential and valuable customers.

All types of companies find advantageous use Bing Ads. Indeed Bing Ads has the solution for every promotional need, from increasing calls and the local traffic to attracting visitors nationally and internationally on the website.
On Bing Network you can reach millions of unique users from a specific Country or city, or within a certain distance from you.

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Investing with method and experience during the moments of market downturns, permits to pick the best commercial opportunities

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